Why you feel like you are just walking in circles...

After my daughter was born I felt lost. Like I was wandering a desert without a compass. No sense of real direction. No clue how to get back on track. Unsure how I was going to survive. 

I felt stuck. Stuck in a job that I had once loved but no longer wanted to be at. 
Stuck in a pay-check. 
Stuck in responsibilities.
Stuck in the day in, day out, grind of life.

Looking back on that season of life, the problem was that I had no idea what I really wanted out of my life and therefore had no plan for moving forward. I knew I wanted kids. Check. Done. Now what? 

What I know now, is that without casting vision for my life and without having some guide posts to help me move toward something...I simply moved in circles, moving, but not really getting anywhere. 

Turns out, there have been studies done on this. When a group of people are blindfolded, then dropped in the middle of a forest and asked to "walk straight for a couple hours"...they could only do so when the sun or moon were present. If the sun or moon were blocked by clouds, then the group immediately started walking in circles of about a 66 foot radius. Below is an image of what their paths looked like (can you tell when the sun and moon were present?).


Why is this? Why do we walk in circles when we don't have the sun or moon to guide us? The study concluded that "walking in circles is...likely the result of increasing uncertainty about where straight ahead is." In other words, we don't have anything to move toward. Nothing guiding us. No vision. No goal. No benchmark to ensure we move in the direction we want to go. 

What does this have to do with being a working mom? EVERYTHING! You must have a vision for where you want to go if you want to avoid the inevitable circles you will find yourself in. You must have a goal, something that is pointing you in the direction YOU set. 

Once I took some time to gather my thoughts, cast some vision for my life and create a picture of the life I wanted to lead... I was able to make some changes. I changed jobs. Went back to school for my coaching certification. Started working part time. AND I WAS SO MUCH HAPPIER. My life, and the trajectory of my life, was in alignment with where I wanted to go. I no longer felt like I was walking in circles, but instead setting course for a successful working mom life. 

Do you feel like you are walking in circles? Do you need some help casting vision for your life? Book a breakthrough call and let me help you determine your next step moving forward. You only get one life, it's time to make it exactly what you want it to be.