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Find the alignment between your career and your role as a mom, allowing for the complete flexibility to spend your time on the things that you care most about. 

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Aligning Motherhood is a coaching program, designed for women who are devoted to being a great mom and impacting the world.


You are a strong, successful and independent career woman, passionate about what you do. But since returning from maternity leave you feel like you are just going through the motions. You lack motivation at work and you lack energy at home. Everything feels different: you’re feeling drawn to staying home with your baby (which you NEVER imagined yourself desiring) but you also want to do more or something different than your current role at work. In short, you are not sure exactly what to do.

If your life at work and your life at home are at odds with each other...

then Aligning Motherhood is for you.

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You have a successful career. You work hard and always give 100%. You care about what you do and the people you work with. You are a strong and capable woman who wants to continue doing work you find meaningful and fulfilling.

But since having your baby, something has shifted. You’ve experienced a bond with your child that makes it hard to reconcile being back at work.

You’ve lost the vision you had for your life. You’re confused by your desire to stay home with the baby because you NEVER imagined you would be that mom. Yet you also feel the pull to keep working, or you may even want to do something completely different than what your current role allows for. You feel pulled in so many different directions and these warring desires have left you in a rut, going through the motions of a crazy emotional roller-coaster that comes with craving more time with your child and wanting to work but feeling GUILTY for working.

You need CLARITY and a plan so that you can fully embrace these early years with your kids while not sacrificing your career.   



  • CLEAR DIRECTION on how to adjust your work life so that it no longer competes with your home life

  • A HEALTHY WORK-LIFE BALANCE so you can spend fulfilling moments with your child and do work that challenges and motivates you

  • CONFIDENCE that you are rocking it as a mom

  • A CHILD THAT IS THRIVING because you’re giving them all the love and attention they need

  • To NOT SACRIFICE your lifestyle or your career if you choose to make changes in your work life

  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES for how to adjust your work and home life so that you consistently thrive

  • AN EXIT STRATEGY for leaving your job, should you need it

  • FREEDOM to follow your heart without constantly second-guessing your desires and decisions and becoming anxious about how they will impact your family

  • A DEEP UNDERSTANDING of who you are so that you feel confident as you open up to all the new changes in your life

  • The opportunity to MAKE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT in the world

And most of all: A solid plan that allows you to live in TOTAL FREEDOM with TOTAL FLEXIBILITY.

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The problem is that you NEVER thought that you would be experiencing these warring desires: longing to be home more with your kids but not wanting to sacrifice your career;

And truthfully, you’re scared because you feel lost and unsure about what the best decision is for your family.

MAYBE YOU'VE fOUNd yourself.....

  • WORRYING about the financial implications of leaving full-time work.

  • QUESTIONING what others will think, particularly your working-mom friends.

  • FEARING the loss of your identity since you have always worked and been successful.

  • Waking up to see your darling baby every morning, but DREADING (aka you're a crying, sloppy mess) every day on your way to drop them off at daycare.

  • FEELING STUCK because you went to school for a specific career and it now feels like your goals have completely changed.

  • FEELING GUILTY for dropping your baby off at the nanny when you feel like you should be the one caring for them.

  • Coming home STRESSED AND ANXIOUS from your day in the office which effects your ability to really enjoy the few precious moments you have with your baby in the evening.

  • Fearing you will MISS OUT on your kid’s formative school years.

  • LACKING MOTIVATION at work because your heart just doesn’t feel in it.

  • ·Eating too much fast-food and living in a messy house because there JUST ISN'T ENOUGH TIME do anything when you are either working or taking care of the baby.

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You feel caught between your work life and your home life, and you know that SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

It's time to get CRYSTAL CLEAR ON YOUR NEXT STEPS, so you can make a decision with CONFIDENCE, and know you are doing what's best for you AND your kids.



I'm here to help you make the right decision for you and your family. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I help women to navigate the deep waters of motherhood. I help them to sort through the confusion so they can see all the possibilities that are before them and then make an informed decision on what to do regarding their work.

But it hasn’t always been this way, I know what you’re going through, because I’ve been there too.

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When I first got pregnant:

I said “there is NO WAY I am going to be a stay at home mom. I LIKE to work and I'm good at what I do!”

But then, my beautiful daughter arrived and maternity leave was just too short. When I started back, the joy I once had in my work seemed lost. And my home life suffered too. 

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I felt like I was caught between two worlds, both of which were important, but neither one was THRIVING. I never had enough time to spend with the kids and never had enough energy to put toward work.

I had questions, lots of questions, like…

Who are my priorities now that I am a working mom?

Can we afford for me to adjust my work life?

Am I weak because I can’t figure things out?

Is my job worth keeping or should I be home with my kids?

What will my family think?

Will I be able to eventually focus on a career again?

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“I knew I wanted to be home with my kids, but I didn't want to fully give up the work I knew I was meant to do as a writer. I began to discover there were other moms out there who were home and fully present with their kids and also had started vey successful businesses. I wanted that life, but I didn't know how to get there. Rebecca took my hand and walked me step by step. Now I have the life I have always dreamed of - I am working as a writer and I get to be home with my kids”

-Marie, Mother & Writer

the emotions I was feeling were deep.

I would cry on my way to work. I would race home to spend just a few quality minutes with my daughter before she went to bed. And I’d wake up and do it again. I longed for the weekends and I hated feeling that way. 

I knew I couldn’t live in both worlds any longer, but what option did I have? I needed to work. I was the breadwinner of the family. Besides, I didn’t go to school and work hard to get where I was only to just walk away from it all.

But doing nothing wasn’t an option either. So, I did what I always do, I journeyed deep inside myself.

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I read self-help books

I completed work-books

I dove into my personality type to try and find answers

I created budget worksheets and started moving all the numbers around

I sought counsel from my mentors

I went to therapy

I shifted my schedule a little at work

And lastly… I hired a life coach.

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My success in life is not wrapped up in my success at work. Nor is it wrapped up in my success as a mom.

My success is wrapped up in simply being me.

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I can and will impact the world by staying in my job and I will impact the world by being home with my children.

My identity is not wrapped up in one or the other…which means,

Fueled by this newfound wisdom, I followed my heart. I left my full-time job, discovered a new passion (coaching) and found the flexibility I desired.

Fast forward to today…

I am living the life I know I am supposed to be living because I:

  • Have the “RIGHT” balance between working and family.

  • Know what is MOST IMPORTANT and orient my daily life and work life around the things that matter most.

  • MADE MORE MONEY in the first year I worked part-time, then I did when I was working full-time.

  • KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM and how I impact the world on a daily basis, despite the fact I am no longer in a typical career.

  • Am IN CHARGE OF MY OWN SCHEDULE and get to participate in my kids school activities without taking “personal time”.

  • Am GUILT FREE when I drop my kids off at childcare because it is done on my terms.

  • Know HOW MUCH I'M WORTH (which is a figure I could never have imagined myself making in a traditional “career” job)

  • Enjoy PEACE OF MIND, knowing I am my kids primary influence and they are growing up to be the kind of human I want them to be.

  • LIVE IN FREEDOM knowing I will never regret the decision I made to leave full-time work.

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And now, I want to help you find the same clarity and confidence.

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Because I believe that who you are in your work and who you are as a mom are INTERTWINED. One fuels the other. And when you are THRIVING in your work, you THRIVE at home. Your kids need you to be your best self so that they can be their best self.

So, to help you align who you are with what you do, I’ve put together

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Aligning Motherhood is coaching program, designed for women who are devoted to being a great mom AND impacting the world.

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You'll find the alignment between your career AND your role as a mom, allowing for the complete flexibility to spend your time on the things that you care most about. 


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During this program, you will get CRYSTAL CLEAR on who you are and what you want out of this season of life. You will TAKE BACK CONTROL of your time and form a plan that will allow you and your family to thrive. You will know who you are as a mom, and how you want that to manifest itself in your working life.

DURING THIS PROGRAM, You will move from…

Exhausted → EXCITED

Controlled → IN CONTROL


Unsure → CLEAR

I wish → PLANNED

I should → SCHEDULED


Repetitive and monotonous  PURPOSEFUL

Unsatisfied → OVERFLOWING

Weary → RESTED



But I am confident I can help you get there because I’ve done it myself and because I’ve helped other moms do it too.

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“Rebecca worked with me to discover my values and process ways to live them out in my daily life. I found new awareness that I couldn’t articulate before coaching!”

-Jaclyn - Project Manager

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What will you walk away with after this program?

A plan. But not just any plan.

A plan that is in full alignment with who you are and what you want. Your plan will bring freedom, flexibility and fullness. In order to reach a plan that is right for you, I will walk you through 12 modules. Each module will help you to get clearer on what you want out of this season of your life, how you want it to manifest itself in your work and home life and then specific tools to help orient your life in that direction.

Here is an overview of the modules you'll experience:



Get crystal clear on what you care most about. Understanding how your values are being honored or violated will help you gain perspective over your circumstances which will pave the way toward creating the life you’ve always wanted.



Who are you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is the unique impact you are making in this world? Embodying your identity is the foundation for prioritizing your life, deciding what to do with your work and schedule, and building confidence in what you bring to the table in the various roles you play.


what is your purpose?

Your life purpose is more than just your paid work. The career you choose is often an expression of your life purpose. But you are more than your work. The world needs you and all you have to offer. When you name and embody your purpose, you will feel momentum toward something meaningful, which will create a life of significance and balance.


Name What Matters Most & Short Term Goals

When our time and our money are in alignment with the things we find meaningful, that is when life truly begins to open up and we feel energized and fulfilled. It is time to embrace the things that matter most and let go of the things that run you down. By setting specific and achievable goals you will begin to see progress toward a life that is balanced, fulfilling and sustainable.



When you get to the end of your life, what do you want to say you’ve accomplished? What kind of a person do you want to be? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? There is power in naming your life dreams and orienting your life to make them happen. Allowing yourself to name what you yearn for and then go after it, is an important process that will leave a lasting impact on you, your kids and this world.


living in the present

When you’re at work, are you thinking about the kids? When you’re at home, are you thinking about work? Do you feel like you can’t give 100% to anything because you’re never fully present? This epidemic is robbing working moms of joy in their life. By living each moment to the fullest you will lower anxiety, develop creative solutions to problems, live more confidently and operate out of a place of strength.



How you spend your time, is how you spend your life. And though it may seem as if you have little choice over how you spend your time (for example, you must sleep and you must work), there is always an opportunity to re-prioritize the time you have to ensure you spend it on the things that are most important, instead of the things that are most urgent. 



Money can’t define your success in life, but it can’t hold you back either. You must be in complete control of your financial life in order to ensure you are living life on your terms. Understanding your money story and re-writing your limiting beliefs about money are essential to accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your life dreams.



Working moms are often over-committed. Work, home, friends, family, self-care, kid classes, play-dates; there are too many commitments and too many things vying for your attention. There is a need to voluntarily simplify your life so that there is more space to breathe and more space to spend your time and money on the things that matter most.



Research shows that your thoughts make a difference on the outcome of your life. If you have positive thoughts, your life will feel more joyful, balanced, content, etc.…This is the key to shifting your circumstances and opening up possibilities to changing or adjusting your work life. You need to re-wire your brain to focus on the things that bring life, rather than the things that drain life.


taking risks

You are being called to do something that feels risky. It could be a job change, it could be a commitment change, it could be a move or it could be something relational that feels big. But there is something you want to go after that you are having a hard time doing because it feels too hard. The time is now. You need to confront your worry, assess the risk and make a plan to move toward the life you want to be leading.



You are the CEO of your life. You are in charge, no one else. You have complete control over your life and need to step into the role of Executive Officer with strength and confidence. Armed with the foundation work of the other modules, you will know how to move forward and live life to it’s fullest without regrets and in full alignment with who you are.

Aligning Motherhood is offered as: 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching. See below for a breakdown of each program.

During the time you are with me, you will get an abundance of resources and support.

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  • TWELVE 1:1 coaching sessions (via phone or video conference).

    • One (90 minute) introductory coaching session

    • Eleven (45 minute) coaching sessions

  • 12 PDF MODULES (as highlighted above) to dive into a self discovery process between calls

  • A 100% INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM - this means there isn’t a cookie-cutter solution to your situation. I will work with you individually where you are at.

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to journey with other working moms.

  • FULL EMAIL ACCESS. I realize stuff comes up between calls and it is helpful to ask questions and give updates as needed. I will get back to you within 24 business hours.

  • FLEXIBILITY in how often we meet and when. Most clients choose 2 times a month.

  • A digital welcome packet, so you can GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY.

  • Best practices, guides, meditations for in depth self discovery and SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.


  • EIGHT 60 minute group coaching calls.

  • COMMUNITY + ACCOUNTABILITY: Connect and build relationships with other mothers going through the same process as you.

  • 8 PDF MODULES to guide you step by step through a process of aligning who you are with what you want as a working mom.

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to support and encourage each other as working moms.

  • GUEST SPEAKERS and BONUS SESSIONS to ensure you create a plan that is just right for you.

  • FULL EMAIL ACCESS. I realize stuff comes up between calls and it is helpful to ask questions and give updates as needed. I will get back to you within 24 business hours.

  • FAST PACE RESULTS. We will meet for 8 consecutive weeks, thus you can start implementing your plan immediately.

  • Best practices, guides, meditations for in depth self discovery and SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.

Click below to schedule your call with me to
determine which option is the best fit for YOU.

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“When I approached Rebecca, I was frustrated with my job and of the verge of abandoning my career.  She helped me identify my values and giftings and connect them to my work, completely changing my attitude towards my job and allowing me to find purpose and joy in my career.”

-Brita, Architect

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Once you sign up for this transformational program, you will also receive…

  • One-on-one clients will receive a GIFT BOX in the mail (because who doesn’t like to get something in the mail?) with a few special things for the journey.

  • A DISCOUNT on future one-on-one coaching sessions should you want to continue coaching after the program.

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First, you need to sign up for your Breakthrough Session, which you can do by hitting Apply Now, below. From there, you will be directed to a calendar where you can sign up for the call and a questionnaire.

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In the weeks ahead you will no longer feel caught between a successful career and being a rock-star mom. Together we will create your own clear road map that combines both so that you navigate your life at work and your life at home, and become the best version of you.

You’ll leave in TOTAL ALIGNMENT, fully in control over who you are and where you are going. 

You are ready for Aligning Motherhood if:

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  • You don’t want to feel guilty for working anymore.
  • You have found yourself crying in the bathroom one too many times because you miss your little one and you NEVER want to do it again.
  • You want your kids to experience YOUR BEST SELF instead of getting what is left over after work.
  • You want to do something you are PASSIONATE about while still allowing ample time to be with your family.
  • You want CONTROL of your schedule, allowing for flexibility and freedom.
  • You’re unwilling to miss your little one’s milestones (like walking and talking).
  • You can’t wait for the opportunity to eat dinner together, as a family, every night and plan long family vacations together every year.
  • You’re unwilling to sacrifice being A ROCKSTAR MOM for your career.

you are not ready for aligning motherhood if:

  • You're unwilling to put in the work into naming what matters most in your life.
  • You have a “stick it out for the long-haul” mentality (even if things are not that great) and are not willing to stand up for what you want.
  • You don’t think you’ll regret working as much as you do.
  • You think waiting it out will make the feelings of guilt go away.
  • You like living the life others have planned out for you, rather than the life you want to live.
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You can keep doing what you’re doing. Trudging through life, constantly feeling guilty, wondering if you are missing out on the most formative years of your kid’s life, and doubting whether you will ever be able to do the fulfilling work of being a mother AND having an impactful career.


You can put an end to your struggle and work with me. By the end, you will have a decisive and courageous plan that is in alignment with who you are so that you can live out the rest of your life in TOTAL FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT.

your questions - answered

+ Which program is best for me? Group coaching or 1:1?

Both programs focus on getting you clear and confident about exactly what you want in this next season of life and then creating a plan to get there. Here is a brief breakdown of the differences between each program:

Group Coaching:

  • Designed for individuals who know the specific challenge they face and are simply seeking a solution.
  • Ideal for people who prefer community and learn better in group settings.
  • Modules are given in a specific order with little room to adapt.
  • The environment feels less tense because the attention is not all on you.
  • More economical than individual coaching.
  • Perfect for women who thrive in shared experiences as you will have other people to cheer you on and celebrate with you.
  • Session dates/times are set with little flexibility

1:1 Coaching

  • Designed for individuals that need to explore, in depth, the challenges they are facing. They lack clarity on what to do next and don’t yet know the solution.
  • Ideal for women who prefer one-on-one environments.
  • Provides more opportunity for personalized attention as I get to know your strengths, weaknesses, personality, quirks, etc.
  • The modules are more customized based on your needs and progress.
  • You will get more time, focus and accountability from me, as your coach.
  • Session dates/times are flexible - we will go at your pace.

+ I’ve never worked with a life coach, what should I expect?

As a coach, I believe that you are the expert of your own life. Not me. It is simply my job to help draw out your hopes, desires, and dreams for your life and guide you through a process of moving toward them. During our 1:1 or group sessions, we will look at what progress you have made, discuss new learnings, evaluate circumstances and design forward-moving action steps to be done between sessions. You will have full email-access to me if you need to connect between calls or need any clarification. I am here to support you and your process so that at the end you walk away with a clear plan on how to move forward.

+ What if I don’t live in your area, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! All our sessions will be done either by phone or video conference so you can literally be anywhere in the world.

+ How do I know if Aligning Motherhood really gets results?

Integrity is everything to me.

I walk the walk and talk the talk. I am not a coach who has chosen this line of work because it sounded interesting to me. I am a coach that spent years in an unfulfilling job, missing out on the important years of my daughter’s life, spending countless hours in a commute I hated and for what?

I knew there must be more to life then the day in day out meaningless grind and once I finally figured out how to confidently clarify what I wanted out my work and home life I made choices to live into that new life and found vision and meaning in my everyday. I know you can follow my same framework and reach the same result. You can have the career you desire balanced with the home life you crave. It takes confidence, clarity and guts.

Are you an action taking, courageous living, I-want-the-most-out-of-life kinda woman? The kind of woman that wants to name what matters most in her life and then align everything else around it? If so, there is no way you can fail because I will be walking beside you every step of the way.

+ How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you are an action taking, courageous living, I-want-the-most-out-of-life kinda woman, then yes, this program is for you! It is specifically tailored for working moms who feel caught between family and work. Both are important but neither are getting your best self.

+ When are the group coaching calls?

Group coaching calls are on Friday's @ 11:30am PST.

Calls are recorded only if the those currently in the program agree to it. Links to the recordings will be provided in the Facebook group, so be sure to keep your notifications on.

+ Will you help me find a new career?

Not exactly. Unlike most career coaching, I am not going to match your skills and personality with a list of possible careers.

Instead, I will help you uncover your passions, leverage the value you bring to the workplace and design a rhythm of life that allows you to unplug guilt-free and start enjoying your life…today. For some, this may result in a career change or schedule change and we will work through the possibilities together.

+ Can I get a discount?

Yes! If you pay-in-full while on our breakthrough call, you will receive up to a 20% discount off my standard price.


Have questions or need more info?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can email me at the below, or submit a question by clicking the button.