My 4 Year Old Taught Me a Lesson...

My 4 year old daughter came up to me, a sad and dejected look on her face and said, "I'm sorry for yelling at you".

I knelt down, gave her a hug and said..."I'm sorry for yelling, too."

The important thing to note...she apologized first.

My sweet little blond-haired daughter stepped up to reconcile with me....FIRST!

I was humbled. But mostly proud. Even at the age of 4, she understands the importance of owning up to her mistakes, for making wrong things right and for owning when you do something you're not so proud of.


I know these things as well, of course, but I often let shame, guilt, disappointment, anger and all sorts of other negative emotions get in my way from moving on and doing the "right" thing.

This isn't surprising. It is easier to wallow in pity (that actually feels good to our brains) then it is to push ourselves out of it and choose a different perspective.

I tend to wallow in the negative when I feel like I failed at something or when things don't go as planned. This tends to be the moment I turn to self-pity and question myself and my worth. I wonder if I am any good. If I am really suppose to do what I am doing. If I am any good as a mom. I lose confidence and I start to feel stuck. coach and I came up with a statement to combat these moments. A statement to remind me of the truth and to keep me out of self-pity, negativity and failure. Ready for it?

"I am a beautiful human being with a unique design and my Creator is pleased with me, regardless of my success in life. I matter so much."

I've committed to saying this affirmation every morning several times, and I even took part of it and turned it into my computer password, so that I would be forced to think of it whenever I open my computer.

I am a beautiful human being. Yes I am.
I have been uniquely made. Yes I have.
My Creator is pleased with me. Yes he is.
Even in my failure...yep.

If you were to create a statement for yourself, what would it say? Send me an email (, would love to hear...