What some working moms have, that you don't

Being a working mom brings about an array of colorful emotions. On average days, it is mostly exhaustion but for many working moms feelings of guilt, unfulfillment and bitterness are also common.

Here are some thoughts these working moms have:

  • I’m missing out on watching my baby grow up!
  • My child should be raised by me, not their caregiver.
  • Stay at home moms have it so good.
  • If only I didn’t have to work.

The day in and day out grind of going to work in a job that is not fulfilling eats away at them. There must be something more to life then this. There must be a way to work part-time. If they quit, everything would be better. 

These working moms are barely hanging on. Every day feels like an uphill battle and the summit isn’t anywhere in sight. They are lost. Confused. And stuck.

Then there is the flip side. The working mom who feels balance, fulfillment and joy. 

They bounce out of bed in the morning, ready to face their day. They have more energy. They stick to their priorities. They are productive. Focused. And are experiencing their best self.

Here is what these working moms say:

  • I spend enough time at work and enough time with my family. 
  • I have time for just me. 
  • I can adapt and adjust to whatever comes my way. 
  • Work is fulfilling. 

Their day in and day out rhythms are life-giving, not draining. They know what is most important in their life and how to orient their day to day life around it. They have a positive mindset about life and where it is going. 

These working moms are excited about life. They sense many opportunities before them and know what they want and why. They do not experience much working mom guilt, if any at all. They are content, no matter their situation. 

Can you see the difference between these two working moms? Which one are you?

I can tell you the big difference between the first working mom and the second, do you want to know what it is? 


The second type of working mom has taken control over her life. She is not allowing people, circumstances and work to define or control her. She knows her purpose in life and makes decisions from a place of confidence. She is aware of her fears and is able to curb them when necessary. Life is not just happening to her, she is experiencing it. 

Do you need to take back control of your life? Do you need to ground yourself in purpose and live more confidently? 

My client Amanda did when she came to me for coaching. She struggled with confidence and was not clear on how to get out of her unfulfilling job to pursue a life of joy. Here is what she said just half way through coaching with me:

“I am so much happier and I feel like I am seeing my life through a whole new lens. It’s like I’ve been awakened to the actual life I’m living instead of the one I thought I was living. Now I know that I am 100% in control of my future and it’s up to me to decide what I want to do with my life.”

You too can get back into the drivers seat of your life. You can leave your job if it is unfulfilling. You can start a business if that is your dream. You can live in Europe if you’ve always wanted to….because you are in control. 

I can help you regain that control and live the life of your dreams. Book a call and lets get started!