The first step to making a change in your working mom life

Working moms often feel trapped. Stuck in the day in and day out demands of life. Choices feel limited. Motivation to change is low. Clarity on what to do next is non-existent. You have to keep doing what you’ve always been doing because there isn’t time to even consider something else.

I get it.

When I got pregnant, all of a sudden life got confusing. I couldn’t have anticipated it. I had no idea I would feel this way. I had always been organized and put together…but becoming a mom really changed me and I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I knew something needed to change but I didn’t know exactly what and it felt pretty risky. Can you relate to this?

What I learned is that change is nearly impossible if you don’t have clarity around what you really want. 

Clarity is the first (and most important) step. 

It brings confidence. 

It helps you make decisions. 

It brings perspective. 

It silences the judgmental critic in your head. 

And the good news is that it can be found within. You don’t have to look to anyone else to find clarity…because it is unique to you. What do YOU want? What do YOU care most about? What do YOU want to do? 

So, if you feel stuck right now…likely it's because you lack clarity. You don’t know who you are and what you want out of life. When I went on a journey to figure this out, it changed everything for me. I got crystal clear around what made me happy and how I uniquely wanted to live my life….and THEN I made some changes, which for me, included starting a coaching business. 

Clarity first. Change second

Need help finding that clarity? Book a breakthrough call with me and lets figure out your next steps together. Your happiness depends on it.