Does Balance Exist?

Is work/life balance even possible? Can you really have a successful career and a thriving home life?

I'm pretty sure as a working mom, this is something you've been thinking about....because it seems like the golden ticket. If you could just find a healthy balance between work and home, things would feel better, right? You'd feel less guilty, right? There would be less overwhelm, right? You'd be more productive, right? Your family would get your best self, right? You'd have more me-time, right? 


In my NEW AUDIO SERIES I address this very subject - Does Balance Exist? And I am giving the first one away for FREE!

In this free audio download, I explain why I am not a big believer in work/life balance and what you should be seeking instead.


Balance is an internal shift. And when we address balance from the INSIDE OUT, then we have much more control over our circumstances

The point is to INTEGRATE all that you are as a mom, into your workplace. And then to integrate all that you are as a worker into your home life. Each role informs the other. You bring something unique to each of these places because of the work you do in the other. It is not about separating them, it is about integrating them. This means being honest without yourself in how you are feeling about your life as a working mom. It means being honest about what you care most about and unapologetically saying YES to things that are important and NO to the things that are not. 

It is about shifting the belief that your success in work is all about how much TIME you put into it...because it likely is not. It's about not caring what other people think and letting go of all the "shoulds" you live by. 

It is about living into your best self in all the places you live, work and play. It is about integrating you, the unique you, into everything. 

It's not balance. It is integration. 

Embrace you.