5 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Family Rhythm - A Free Strategy Session

For the month of January, I am offering a FREE strategy session: 5 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Family Rhythm 

The New Year is the perfect season to evaluate your family’s schedule and decide what works and what you want to change; to throw out the rhythms that run you down and create new ones that bring life! So, during our session we will accomplish the following:

1. Identify the challenges you face that keep your family in a state of chaos
2. Clarify your vision for a manageable and stress-free home
3. Uncover hidden mindsets that keep you reactive instead of proactive
4. Discover new perspectives to get your family motivated and live more intentionally
5. Leave inspired to take control and enjoy a more peaceful year 

It doesn’t matter if you live near or far to the Bay Area as our session will take place over the phone. You can email me at rebecca@rebeccaolsoncoaching.com to sign up or for more information!