You desire…

  • Clear direction on whether you should continue working, in what capacity and how often
  • A healthy work-life balance so you can spend fulfilling moments with your child and do work that challenges and motivates you
  • Confidence that you are rocking it as a mom
  • A guarantee you won’t screw your chances at furthering your career in the future
  • A child that is thriving because you’re giving your baby all the love and attention they need
  • To not sacrifice your lifestyle by being a one-income family
  • Endless possibilities for work opportunities at home
  • An exit strategy for leaving your job, should you need it
  • Freedom to follow your heart without constantly second-guessing your desires and decisions and becoming anxious about how they will impact your family
  • A deep understanding of who you are so that you feel confident as you open up to all the new changes in your life
  • To make a significant impact in the world

And most of all:

A solid plan that allows you to live in total freedom with total flexibility.

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— Hope K.