How to spend money on yourself (guilt free)

Yesterday, I invested almost $2000 in myself. 

But it wasn't easy. 

I, like so many other women, struggle to spend money on myself. My entire life I have found security in holding onto my money, and have struggled to allow myself to get a pedicure, let alone make an investment like $2000 (I mean...I could buy plane tickets to Europe or build a water well in Africa with that kind of money)! 

But this isn't the first time I've done this. I've invested $8000 on a program for myself before. But, whenever I am presented with an opportunity like this...I usually freeze. I am paralyzed by the idea of spending that kind of cash and I throw out all sorts of excuses for why I shouldn't move forward. 

Even though I KNOW it will help me be a better version of me. 
Even though I KNOW it will help me get unstuck. 
Even though I KNOW it will help me move toward the goals in my life.  

Usually I think I should just try the "self-help" route, rather than spend the money. "I can do this on my own", I think. But I never can. Or it takes away precious time from my family (which is actually a larger sacrifice). 

My guess is, you struggle with this too. For women, spending money on ourself is near impossible...but not for the reasons you might think. This isn't about money, really. It's about confidence. It's about believing we are worth it. It's about knowing what we need and going after it. 

In this 10 minute video I share 4 common "excuses" women use when faced with an opportunity to invest in themselves and explain why none of them should get in your way! Click on the image below to watch (or listen) to the video.

Ultimately, here is what it takes to make this kind of investment in yourself: believing you are worth it. That's it. 

If you believed you were worth it, you'd make an investment (and that doesn't always mean can mean time too). 

I believe you are worth it. Do you?

Need help getting confident and believing in yourself? Then book a FREE breakthrough call with me. On the call we will determine your next step moving forward and discuss if an investment in coaching can help. 

You are worth it!