I am confident

As my youngest looked at a picture of himself and "attempted" to say his name, I had several emotions race through me.  Joy? Pride? Affection? 

Likely it was a combination of all three. 

He has learned so much this year. He went from crawling, to walking then talking and now terrorizing his older sister. 

The growth he has experienced in this calendar year is monumental. I’ve, of course, already watched this process in my older daughter but it still catches me by surprise as I see him go through each stage of development, one by one. 

Yesterday, I reflected on these emotions as I realized I was witnessing yet another type of growth. 
And although this one has been building for a little while, its full expression came during a time of reflection and prayer. 

The growth I experienced this past year can be summed up in one word: confidence. 

I am CONFIDENT I am doing exactly what I should be doing right now. 
I am CONFIDENT that my work as a coach is impacting lives.
I am CONFIDENT I have what it takes to grow my business into exactly what I want it to be. 

Honestly, it took me a long time to get here. But I appreciate it so much more because of that. 
So, here I am at the end of this year with a new feeling that will propel me into 2019. It feels amazing and thrilling and I find myself wondering…

…how can I sustain this feeling of confidence through all the ups and downs of the next year?
…how can I inspire others to do what it takes to develop their confidence in the coming year?

In reflection, a few good reminders come to mind:

  • Confidence starts will knowing and believing in yourself. 

  • No external thing can cause you to feel confident, it is an internal experience. 

  • When you are confident, so is everyone else around you. It is contagious. 

I hope this may inspire you to look toward 2019 being a year of confidence. You have what it takes, I know it…because it is all found within. 

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