A fool-proof way for finding balance

I can't get everything done on my to-do list. It feels impossible.
I never have enough time to spend with my kids and I am missing out!
I am always thinking about work. It's exhausting!

These were my thoughts when I started back to work after maternity. Ya feel me?!

So in order to get more balanced, I did what every working mom does....I got more organized! I created new systems, synced calendars with my husband and evenly distributed the chores...but I always felt behind. I never had enough time for my family (let alone myself), and I was mentally and emotionally worn-out.

What else could I do? How else does one find work-life balance?

Eventually, I learned a new way. A fool-proof way, of finding balance.

It doesn't require shifting schedules or even getting more organized...it doesn't, in fact, require you DO anything. Instead, it requires shifting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are causing you to feel out of balance.

You see, it isn't a crazy schedule that is causing you to feel what you are feeling. That is why some moms seem to be able to "pull off" their working mom life in a way that you aren't. It is why they seem to have it all together, when you are pulling your hair out. It isn't that they have it easier...it's that they are thinking something different about their job and their life that makes them feel more balanced. That's it. It's perspective.

In my new course, Six Weeks to Work-Life Balance, this is exactly what we are going to focus on. Shifting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs at the CORE so that you can actually have the life you dream of having.

You don't have to give up your career.
You don't have to change your work hours.
You don't have to stay stuck.

Let me show you how!

Join me and a small group of working moms who are you looking to experience true balance.