What if you actually BELIEVED the impossible?


What if you truly believed it is possible to have a successful and thriving career where you didn’t have to sacrifice time with your family?

What if you truly believed you could find a fulfilling job that would pay you more money?

What if you truly believed you could go down to part-time and your family would be able to make it work?

What if you truly believed you didn't have to take work home with you in order to be successful at your job?

What if you truly believed you could start a dream business and make immensely more money and have more flexibility than you have right now?

What if you truly believed?

The power of belief is what drives us into action or in-action. If there is something that you want but you cannot have or you are not going after, it is likely because you do not believe it is possible or you do not believe it is possible for you.

For example, let's say you are looking to excel in your career but you believe it would require more time and energy away from your family, which you are not willing to sacrifice. So, instead of going after a promotion you settle and stay where you are at. But what if if you truly believed that you did not have to put in more time in order to excel in your career, what would you do? Would you get more efficient at your work so you could leave at 5 o’clock everyday? Would you apply for that job you've had your eye on? Would you take off in the middle of the day to see your daughter at school, without feeling guilty?

If you believe that more time at your job = success then you will never have the thriving career you hope for. BUT if you shift your belief to: success = staying 100% focused and putting my best energy to my work...then, my guess is, you'd be motivated in a different way and would go after that career you've always wanted.

Most women I talk to simply don't believe they can have the life they are looking to have. And if you don't believe it, then you'll never have it. It isn't going to just magically appear in your lap. You have to go after the life you want, and it always starts with your beliefs.

You must believe it is possible to have what you want.

You must believe it is possible to have it all! You must believe you could have a successful career and be a rockstar mom! You must believe that more money is possible. You must believe that success in your job does not mean you have to put in more time. You must believe that you are worthy of the promotion. You must believe that you are a great mom even if you put your kids in daycare. Change starts and ends with belief.

Today, I am working on the belief that I can have a $200,000 business. Up till recently, I never thought that was possible, but slowly I am shifting the various thoughts and feelings that prevent me from believing so that I can actually achieve that goal. And because of it, my business has grown more in the last 3 months than ever before. I know it is possible and I work everyday with that goal in mind.

I wonder what would happen if you believed your dreams were possible...

Let me help you get there...